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The best motoring videos of 2013

If, like me, you are semi-comatose following the huge amounts of turkey and chocolate consumed over the Christmas period, then you're probably also looking for things to watch on TV. Normally at this time of year there's the Top Gear Christmas Special to look forward to, followed by the obligatory posting on Twitter about how awful it was. However, for reasons known only to the BBC, it's not being shown until March 2014.

So here instead is my pick of the best motoring videos on the internet from 2013. If you watch them all, they add up to over three hours of viewing, and are as follows:

  • Chris Harris checks out the Singer Porsche 911
  • Petrolicious feature a night-time drive of a gorgeous Ferrari 250 Lusso
  • Harry Metcalfe goes off roading in a Ferrari FF for Evo diaries
  • Mike Musto drives the coolest looking Corvette Stingray in Big Muscle
  • Jay Leno shows us his highly modified Jaguar E Type V12
  • Chris Harris takes on the Mille Miglia in a Jaguar C Type
  • Harry Metcalfe is back taking his Lamborghini Espada up the Route Napoleon
  • That man Harris again, this time burning tyres in a Ferrari F40 and a Ferrari F50
  • XCARS feature Magnus Walker on his new interest in early Porsche 911 Turbos
  • Rather slower Petrolicious feature a Fiat Nuova 500 in Los Angeles
  • Mark Lieb's record lap around the Nürburgring in the Porsche 918
  • Petrolicious checks out a modified Datsun 240Z. You may also want the owners 70s F1 jacket as much as the car
  • Finally, and perhaps the best of all, Chris Harris in the Goodwood Revival TT, driving the Lister Coupé 

The link to the playlist is here if you want to skip to one of the videos. Now, make yourself a turkey sandwich, sit back and enjoy!

May we wish all our readers a Happy New Year and look forward to more motoring content on Drive Cult in 2014!


Super 70s Dino 208GT4 from Petrolicious

A few months back we looked at a couple of the rare Italian market Ferrari 208 GTB Turbo and GTB Turbos. Now Petrolicious have released a video of this earlier 208GT4. Originally sold only in the home market, its normally-aspirated 2.0 litre V8 produced around 170-180bhp. It's hardly a powerhouse but it should be remembered that 911s of the same period made around the same horsepower. Nevertheless, as this video shows, those 180 horses make a great noise which is arguably better than the more common 3.0 litre version, and many say that the longer wheelbase GT4 chassis is better than the later GTB/S one.

This particular 208GT4 is an early example and as a result wears Dino badges, and at some point in its life has made its way across the Atlantc to New York. The stuning backdrops of upstate New York are as good as the car.


Targa California by Petrolicious

We've made friends with the team at the rather excellent classic car website A few weeks ago they carried out a photoshoot of the Drive Cult Ferrari Daytona and interviewed me about it's ownership. You can see the results here. What Petrolicious is really becoming known for is their  video content. The videos usually premier on a Tuesday and feature an interesting variety of classic cars ranging from Fiat 500s to Ferrari 250 Lussos. Perhaps their video that most appeals to Drive Cult readers is their coverage of the 2012 Targa California. This is a very cool touring event for pre 1975 cars around Northern California and features the likes of classic Porsches, BMW 2002s, Datsun 240Zs and 105 series Alfa Romeos. The  emphasis on people having a good time over snobbery that can afflict some classic car events.

I for one would love to take part in this event one year, wonder how much it would cost to ship the Daytona to California for a few weeks?