Best motoring videos of 2014


As we did last Christmas, here's a selection of the best motoring videos from YouTube in 2014.

If you can't find anything interesting to watch on the television over the holiday period, why don't you sit back and watch the likes of Chris Harris, Jethro Bovingdon, Harry Metcalfe and Petrolicious testing and driving some of the best classics and latest supercars.

In the playlist:

  1. Jethro Bovingdon tests the Porsche Cayman GTS against Drive Cult's own 996 GT3 for Evo.
  2. Petrolicious check out a rare Tatra T87, one of the most significant cars of all time (chosen by editor Jamie Wolfcale).
  3. Chris Harris on his own Citroën 2CV (for once, don't expect slides).
  4. Jay Leno drives an outlaw Porsche 356.
  5. JD Classics provide some onboard footage of Al Buncombe in the Jaguar C Type at the Le Mans Classic.
  6. Petrolicious looks at Bruce Meyer's gorgeous Ferrari 625/250 TRC, the Ferrari chassis with more race wins than any other.
  7. Henry Catchpole tests the beautiful Eagle low drag E Type for Evo.
  8. Right up to date, Motor Trend test the new Ford Mustang Ecoboost - how does a 4 cylinder turbo 'Stang stack up?
  9. Can that man Chris Harris slide over 900bhp of Ferrari LaFerrari? Of course he can.
  10. Jack Olsen tells us about his highly modified road and track Porsche 911 (chosen by editor Jamie Wolfcale).
  11. Harry Metcalfe tells us about his latest purchase, a Ferrari Testarossa.
  12. My personal favourite of 2014: Petrolicious on Conrad Stevenson's Carrera Panamericana-spec Alfa Romeo SS.