For Sale: Ferrari 550 Maranello


Photos of a rather lovely Ferrari 550 Maranello for sale.

Drive Cult is run largely to celebrate a love of cars rather than for any commercial gain. That being said, there's nothing to stop us running the occasional shameless plug piece and in this case it's a 'for sale' piece on one of my Dad's cars: his 1997 Ferrari 550 Maranello.

The 550 is a left-hand drive example originally supplied new by Jacques Swaters Garage Francorchamps in Belgium to its first owner in Luxembourg. It is finished in arguably the best colour combination for a 550: Grigio Titanico matched with a red leather interior. My Dad acquired the car from its first owner in early 2011 after scouring Europe to find the best left-hand drive example available. 

Since then the car has been used for what the 550 does best: long trans-European journeys, having completed a number of trips to the South of France Italy and Switzerland faultlessly.  Dad has owned a number of 550s and 575s and describes this one as the nicest one to drive, possibly because it doesn't have the slight compromises necessary to re-engineer the car for right hand drive. In total it has covered 50,000km (that's around 31,000 miles in old money).

Throughout its life if has been maintained by Ferrari main dealers, with Garage Francorchamps looking after it in Belgium and Meridien Modena doing likewise in the UK. Meridien completed a major service on the car in late 2012.

For our North American readers the car is now old enough to be imported into Canada under the fifteen year rule. It also avoids the valve gear problems that afflicted later 550s.

I've always considered the 550 to be one of the very best Ferraris of all and Evo Magazine voted it car of the decade a few years ago. At the £39,950 Dad is asking for the car, it's rather less than a new BMW M3 or Porsche Cayman and while it will cost a little more in maintenance and fuel, it's pretty much guaranteed to be worth rather more than either the Porsche or the BMW in a few years time. To be honest I would love to have the car myself but a lack of storage space (actually the main reason my Dad is selling the car) means that it will have to be someone else's car to enjoy.

The car is for sale through Mark Shannon. If you're interested please contact Mark directly, and mention Drive Cult.