Spotted in the Wild: Riches to Rags registration plate

Fiat 126 EN 9999

A small Fiat with an interesting registration plate.

The Fiat 126 was the boxier follow-on to the long-running Nuova 500. It's a cute litte car but wouldn't normally spark any interest for a Spotted in the Wild post. What marks this car, seen at the 2011 Chelsea AutoLegends show, as something slightly more interesting is the registration plate: EN 999.

Mark Shannon, friend of Drive Cult and Ferrari aficionado sent us this picture he took at Silverstone in 1980 of a Ferrari 365GT4 2+2, and you will see it wears the same EN 999 registration plate. We don't know how the registration plate that was once worn by a top of the range Ferrari came to be worn by the most basic of Fiats but if anyone knows we would love to find out!

Ferrari 365GT4 2+2
Photo: Mark Shannon