Rendered Speculation: The Future of Saab


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Now that Saab is owned by Dutch supercar manufacturer Spyker, it's safe to assume that we should begin to see some pretty drastic changes in the way Saabs are designed. The first car in the pipeline will be the 95, which was designed under GM supervision, but after that Saab and Spyker will be on their own.

Spyker president Victor Muller has hinted that the next Saab will be a compact car that draws influence from early 93s This model will have the Mini Cooper/Fiat 500 in its sites, but what else should we expect to see from Trolhattan?

Someone out there thinks they might have an answer, because we now have some renderings of what the future might hold for Saab. The first is a compact coupe, which takes a few cues from the 60s era 96. It's unashamedly retro, yet the aggressive fenders suggest this could be touring car racer of some sort.

The next one is a design that could perhaps be based on the existing mid-engined Spyker platform and integrates some traditional Saab design cues for a more futuristic R8-like proposition.

Of course, this is all unofficial speculation and these cars will probably never see the light of day but a little unhealthy speculation is always fun.

-Jamie Wolfcale

[Saab 96 via DELFI Pilt, Saab 9+ via GrayDesign via Jalopnik]