Drive Cult at the 2012 N24

The pole-sitting #19 BMW Z4 GT3 at Eiskurve. [Photo: Chris Ratcliff]

Reporting from the first day's action at the 2012 Nürburgring 24H.

The Drive Cult team has made it back to the Nürburgring for the 2012 N24. We've drank plenty of beer, eaten several steaks and watched loads of racing. Alastair Preacher is currently struggling to beat my Gran Turismo 5 'Ring time at the Fuchsroehre Hotel and failing miserably. To be fair, he seems to be a little drunk.

Qualifying wrapped up a few hours ago and ended with the number 19 Schubert BMW Z4 GT3 on the pole. The Z4s seem to have found quite a bit of pace over last year, but the Mercedes SLS AMG GT3s and the 911 GT3Rs are breathing down their necks. Our friends at FIM Rennsport had their qualifying session cut short after two broken gearbox mounts caused the loss of two gears. They ended up qualifying their SP10 GT3 12th in SP10. They've since corrected the problem and should be good to go for tomorrow's race. Check back tomorrow when we'll begin our live-blog of overall race happenings and following the progress of our friends at FIM.