Mercedes-Benz Unveils SLS GT3 Racer


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Mercedes Benz and AMG have thrown their hat into the GT3 ring with the SLS AMG GT3 customer racecar. It features all the compulsory GT3 areo enhancements, including a carbon fiber front splitter, a flat underbody and a massive rear wing. Engine cooling is aided by a vent in the hood while vents in the front bumper and side skirts cool the brakes. The SLS AMG GT3 is powered by an enhanced version of the 6.3 liter V8 used in the road car. Output is said to be around 600 hp, but expect this to be limited to around 500 hp.

The SLS AMG GT3 will go on sale this fall and is aimed squarely at Audi's RB LMS, Porsche's GT3 R and BMW's Z4 GT3. The new FIA GT3 rules have proven to be very popular since the cars are relatively cheap to run and nearly as fast as their GT2 counterparts. The American Le Mans Series has hinted in the last few months that they would like to see these cars incorporated in to the GTC class, which debuted this past weekend, by next season. Should be good.