A Thousand Words: Flashing Past

Formula 4 racing from Cadwell Park

Tight, twisty Cadwell Park and a full programme of club racing is just the thing for photography.

Club racing is a real hidden treat, with limited crowds, a full day of racing and great access to the tracks as well as the cars and drivers as they prepare to go out or celebrate their moment on track. This is Formula 4, run by the 750 Motor Club. It's for old single seater cars, mostly Formula Ford, Formula Vauxhall or Formula 3, run by small teams just as when they were launching the careers of superstar racing drivers. This shot shows how close the racing is, the speeds these older cars can still manage, and I love the bright highlights and dark shadows the midday sun gave.

Camera: Canon EOS 10D; Lens: 138mm; Exposure: 1/125th sec @ f16