Nissan Introduces 2011 GT-R


After conquering the world with the Gen1 GT-R, Nissan aims even higher.

Not content to rest on their laurels, Nissan has turned the dial up to 11 with their 2011 GT-R. The first GT-R was a watershed car for Nissan and ever since its introduction, Nissan has been constantly making small updates to software and other systems to keep it ahead of the curve. The 2011 model, however, brings a host of changes to the table which should add up to a crushingly fast car. Nissan is already claiming a Nürburgring lap time of 7:20. Can't wait to see what Porsche has to say about that. 

The twin-turbo gains 38bhp and 17 lb ft of torque over the outgoing model which brings the totals to 523bhp and 452 lb ft. The gains come from a slight increase in boost pressure, and improved inlet and exhaust air flow. These modifications also come with the added bonus of improved fuel economy and emissions. The transmission has a few new tricks too. The launch control function has been revised (presumably so that it doesn't void the warranty when used), and 100% of the power can be transferred to the rear wheels for tight cornering situations.

Chassis rigidity has been improved with a carbon fiber front strut brace and other chassis support members. The suspension has been tweaked to improve roadholding and turn in. Thiner, larger diameter rotors improve brake feel, are more resistant to brake fade and extend rotor life. Lighter wheels, manufactured by Rays, drop unsprung weight and are wrapped in Dunlop SP SPORT MAXX GT 600 DSST CTT tires.

The new front and rear fascia may not look all that different, but they improve on the outgoing model's already excellent drag coefficient. The new bodywork also offers better downforce and a lower center of gravity.

The 2011 GT-R will also be available in two new flavors. In addition to the Pure edition, Black edition, Premium edition and SpecV versions, customers will be able to choose from Club Track and EGOIST. As the name implies,  the Club Track will be a track-focused version of the GT-R and will feature a bevy of racing-inspired parts. Just what these parts are, Nissan is not yet willing to say. The EGOIST (who am I to judge if Nissan wants it capitalized) offers customers customizable interior color options, hand stitched leather trim and an exclusively tuned Bose sound system.