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Martin Spain

Martin Spain is the technical brains behind Drive Cult, but please don't hold that against him. When he's not building websites for blue chip corporates and car companies, he can be found with a Canon camera glued to his face at motorsport events, or driving his car along the broken B-roads of South East England.

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Chris Ratcliff

Chris has had a lifelong obsession with cars and photography, and luckily he gets to write about both subjects for Drive Cult. He's also been known to watch a Formula 1 race or two, and swears blind that the big red Canon logo on the rear wing of Nigel Mansell's 1986 Williams is what makes him spend so much on Canon gear.

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Jack Wood

Drive Cult's very own Stig, Jack Wood is happiest when embarrassing faster, more expensive machinery at trackdays across the UK, or contributing towards Continental's profit margin by destroying rear tyres.

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Alastair Preacher

Alastair has a taste for the less cosseting end of the motoring spectrum, owning both a race-prepared E30 BMW and an S1 Elise. He can most often be found on track, at the garage getting the Lotus fixed (naturally), or trying to convince his long-suffering wife that the Eifel mountains is the perfect family holiday destination.

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David Pook

David began his lifelong obsession with suspension when he started racing radio-controlled cars at the age of ten. Now as a vehicle dynamics engineer and aftermarket tuner he's well placed to offer insight and opinion into all things automotive. All views expressed are his own and do not represent any company or organisation.

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